Thursday, 30 August 2012


Any writing on  PATNA, has a long history. A great history. After independence( 1947) though, it seems the city started loosing its foothold. And then came the Era after emergency, the famous Jai prakash movement, it was a grand success but the city lost whatever it had.The soda fountain and all the great discussions. Phaneswar Nath RENU era. The greatest loss came in form of deterioration in Education. The student the main ingredients of JP movement, lost all discipline and the town lost all the reputed colleges and institutions  it had. In the 1980s one use to take 5 years to graduate in Patna university. Shocking!!!! The science college, Patna college and many more famous centers of learning  became lost in politics and administrative web. The saving grace remained Patna women's college.

Therefore the 80's and 90's meant that middle class Patnaite was forced to go outside Patna for higher education.In fact, for a parent if his/ her child was studying in Patna after +2, it was taken for granted that the son (specially son) was not good in studies.So the engineering & medical colleges in all other states were getting hoards of Bihari students. Delhi university became another migratory forest reserve of Bihari birds.

Last 30 years Bihar has not given anything even at national level in education to talk about. Now we are getting IIT and central universities.What about one good institution being contributed solely by us.

Patna has a long way to go. And the only thing we need is planning and execution at the same time.If we start planning and executing things in Bihar, the real estate boom, will be worth watching.QUALITY we are searching for.

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