Tuesday, 21 August 2012


This blog is dedicated to everyone who desires to carry any transaction in Real estate in Patna, Bihar. It is very unorganized and yet very organised. For an outsider it seems confusing and for us we know the Juggad to find a DEAL in property in Patna.

Park in Patna
The rise in real estate prices in Bihar and the all round development of the state has given new dimensions to real estate in Patna.Our endeavor is to develop another channel or platform to felicitate dealing in Property in Patna. It includes commercial as well as residential inventory. It would include; Apartments, flats. houses, land, offices. You can BUY, SELL, RENT or LEASE. WELCOME!!!!!

आप सब बिहारवासियों और specially पटनावासियो का स्वागत है .

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