Saturday, 1 September 2012

Buy Sell Rent Patna

About US

We are the fortunate ones. Yes, all three of us; so called “the three musketeers” in their early 30’s were born to respected middle class Patna homes. Therefore, we were bestowed with best of schooling and higher education. The result was plump jobs. Naturally the plump jobs were outside our home town Patna. Patna did not offer anything of importance when we got into higher education and jobs. With Patna in heart we worked away from Bihar. After about a decade of work and with news that things are turning around in our home town, we decided to come back. We did not take any risk. We had enough dough to sustain for life as our savings. Secondly we had everything in Patna; Parents, now retired, home and low cost of stress free living. All three of us, for the last one year; have been soaking in this bliss called HOME. We have time and we meet each other daily and we talk. We meet our old buddies who visit Patna during their breaks. We missed Patna and now we cherish Patna.

We have time, we talk and we listen. With property rates in Patna soaring to new records, everyone in Patna talks real estate. The rentals have soared too. The reasons are debated day in and out in every gathering. Therefore to utilize our so called ample time we too have started talking about real estate in Patna. We would like to give every Bihari (in and out of Bihar) a platform to search for all type of buy, sell and rent deals in Patna. We have divided Patna into more than 50 areas. We would be covering both residential and commercial requirements. It means; apartments, houses, land and office space. Nothing, out of box. We would gather information for people who desire to deal in real estate and put it on this website and also felicitate the transactions.

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