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  How to pick a desirable Investment location in Patna Real Estate? There are a lot of factors that are important when it comes to select a property to invest in Patna real estate. A great location is one of the most important factors. However, finding out whether a property in Patna has qualities that you are interested in and a great location suitable for investment; requires quite a bit of research and even search. It's important to recognize that the locals are an invaluable source of knowledge about any location for investment in Patna real estate . Just mention to someone in a local chai dukaan that you are looking to buy land in the area !! You'll find that people are more than willing to share knowledge and insights about that area. You will be told even about the number of transactions going on in recent times and even tentative prices prevailing in that area in that chai dukaan . Locals can give pointers as to the most profitable locations in Patna real estate.
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Naubatpur; an ace investment destination for land buyers in Patna

  If you want to put your money somewhere and forget about it, buying land in suburbs of Patna like Naubatpur could be the investment vehicle you’re looking for. Think about it: land is a long-term, tangible asset that  doesn’t  wear out and  doesn’t  depreciate. If you go into investing in land with the intent of holding  the right property for the long-term , it can make a lot more profits than any other investment asset class out there. Buildings can be replaced and demolished, whereas  land is a valuable and finite resource , with only limited quantities available. And Bihar has a population of 15 Crores and per capita income of Biharis are increasing in double digits. Land investing is for the patient, smart investor, someone who is willing to hold for the long-term or pass it on as a legacy. It’s for the investor who is looking ahead for 10 – 15 years. Land is a smart long-term hold, allowing you to win the benefits of rising values. Especially if you buy in an area like Naubat


3 Ps OF REAL ESTATE BUSINESS IN PATNA Let’s be real right from the outset — going into real estate business for yourself isn’t always easy anywhere in the world. In Patna a town with an area of 100 odd square kms and about 20 lakhs of population and per capita income lower to India's national average and one of the lowest in the world, it gets a bit more challenging. If it were an easy thing to do then everyone would be doing it and Patna would have been a business hub. But it is not so. As business owners in Patna , we find ourselves, particularly in the early stages of a business, having to be a master juggler; in that we are managing a whole host of different tasks at seemingly the same time. It seems a lot more hustle then what can we consume. Being passionate about what you do or good at what you do isn’t enough to build a successful and profitable real estate business in and around Patna . Anyone can have a good idea but it takes someone very special to build a successf

Young Icons in Real Estate Patna

PATNA ’S real estate market is going through rapid transformation in last five years or so, and the credit goes largely to the demand of property buyers in Patna and infusion of fresh talent into the Patna realty market. There can be no progress without change, and it is change that the new generations of developers and builders in Patna have brought with them. They have a fresh outlook on the real estate business, and the vision and zeal of youth on their side. They come from various backgrounds - some are the scions of existing real estate business in Patna, but most of them are absolutely new to the field of real estate in Patna . This young lot of builders in Patna are changing the whole experience of service offerings for customers who want to buy land in Patna or buy a flat in Patna. In our opinion, those who have the benefit of continuing in established family businesses have had a greater advantage. They have the benefit of an existing business foundation and a loyal c

The Best Places to Live in PATNA (For You!)

Patna Real Estate As they say, Patna is a city of neighborhoods, and with such diversity, there’s something for everyone. As a Patna real estate consultant , in the last 8 years we’ve helped dozens of people from all walks of life in Patna  to find the right home for them in the best locality in Patna for them. While everyone’s individual needs are different, we like to provide general guidelines to our clients that will aid them in finding the home that fits their needs in future as well as present. So with that being said, here are a few basic rules to get started on your  Patna Home search . And remember, if you’ve got more questions and would like to discuss buying a property in Patna , please email us – or call @ 8002313930. If you’ve got kids and you’re looking for great schools:  We would recommend Patliputra, Rajiv Nagar or West Patna ( Raja Bazaar to Shaguna more). Even localities across By-Pass road like Ram Krishna Nagar and Jaganpura

What you should look for in a Real Estate Agent in Patna?

Real Estate Agents in  Patna When you are looking to buy or sell a home/Apartment/land/property, your real estate agent in Patna needs to be on your speed dial, completely  accessible .  You want to make sure you have a good relationship with your real estate agent.  Some people don’t get lucky with the first real estate agent they pick in Patna , so here are a few signs that it’s time to look for a new real estate agent. Your Real Estate Agent in Patna is Unresponsive :   Your real estate agent should respond to your calls and emails, we mean any and every call in a timely fashion.  Your real estate agent should be in touch every single day to you in the beginning to make sure that YOU have seen the listing and approved it. An ongoing conversation with your real estate agent in Patna can be the difference between selling your house in Patna in five to seven months, and having it sit on the market for an endless wait and by that time the dynamics change in an ever evolving

Determine Your Needs and Belt your wants before buying a house in Patna

Patna is a thin real estate market especially when it comes to buying a house in Patna. Residential plots for sale and flats for sale are relatively easier to find for home buyers in Patna. Before one begins to search for houses for sale in Patna one needs to create a realistic list of the needs to buy a house in Patna. Looking for a home in Patna can take time; in facts sometimes more than a year; and it takes longer especially if one is not focused on what is most important in buying a house in Patna. Buy House in Patna Hunt houses in Patna with a "shopping list" in hand; it will narrow your search. One should make a “wish list" and a "must have" list and more importantly understand the difference between the two. If you do not really understand the difference between them, you might sometimes reject houses in Patna that perfectly meet your needs in search of homes that meet your wants, which in many cases can be out of your budget and unafforda