Friday, 28 December 2012


Owning a home is one dream that many of us share in Patna, and our lives revolve around the ‘hope’ that someday this dream will be fulfilled and we will move into a new apartment in Patna with our family and start a new life. However, not many of us have foreseen the ‘life’ in that new house in Patna. Will everything continue to remain same after moving into a new apartment in Patna? Or, will a new apartment bring in more happiness, love and prosperity? Vastu Shastra which is catching up in our city Patna too, has some arrows in its bow to serve us in deciding our dream home in Patna.

While selecting a new home; apartment or flat; in Patna, we must ensure that its purpose, which is to provide love, happiness, safety, growth and prosperity, is fulfilled. Vastu Shastra is basically to help us achieve the purpose for which we buy our apartment in Patna. Everybody going to buy a new house or flat/apartment in Patna seeks Vastu advice to ensure that purpose of his building is met up with. What are the underlying factors to check if the purpose of the building, we are going to select, will get fulfilled or not?

There are three important factors to be evaluated in the layout planning of the flat/apartment (or the proposed layout plan of a building for which  we are going to select the land) in Patna.

First is good entrance location. Entrance has its own effects which are very powerful.

According to MahaVastu, there are 32 possible locations of entrance of a building and each of them corresponds or is related directly, with adverse or beneficial situations being faced by the inhabitants – for instance, entrance in South-West brings in debt, poverty and relationship problems. You do not get your payment on time due to entrance in South-East. Similarly, entrance in North brings abundance of money and career success. Apart from this, entrance effects also include frequent accidents, mishaps, and miscarriages. Hence, we should always look for a house which has its main entrance in the good location. If, however, the entrance of the new house (or of the plot) is not in the Vastu-recommended direction, we should not avoid buying it in the first place, as MahaVastu has easy to apply solutions that negate the negative effects of having the entrance in the wrong direction. 

Once the entry of the building is sorted out, the second thing to check is whether we can get Vastu complaint planning for rooms or not. It is very important as location of rooms in different directions decides the outcome of your efforts. For instance, if we have a bedroom in between East and South-East, which as per MahaVastu is the zone of anxiety, we will not be able to relax and will have frequent disagreements with your spouse. When made in between South and South-West directions it will devoid us of our efforts and will make us feel as if our life is worthless. Similarly, Toilet made in between North and North-East direction will weaken our immunity and we will fall ill quite often. When made in North, a toilet will block our career and income.

So if one believes in Vastu, preferably avoid buying an apartment with such room locations. Ideally, bedroom can be located in South, West and East. However, most appropriate direction of bedroom should be decided according to your profession. Similarly, Toilet should ideally be located in the South-South West and East-South East zones.

The third check point is to analyze the presence of Five Elements (panch tattvas) – water, air, fire, earth, and space. Each of the 16 Vastu zones in a building is dominated by one of these five elements. We have to see if all of these elements are finely balanced in their respective zones. For example, Fire element is represented by Kitchen which if placed in North (direction of Water) will hamper new opportunities in career and cash inflow. Similarly, with Water boring placed in South-West will block career growth and create severe clashes in family relationships.

Practically, we have to check the directions of water tanks, garden, kitchen, open area, slopes, pits, rain water drainage, sewer, service lane, adjoining property, water boring of neighbors, high low landscape, setbacks, building height, shafts, and balconies. While selecting a plot or bungalow, we must also take care of any road hit along with above factors. We can buy a property  in Patna which is hit by a road from North to East directions.

Ideally all the five elements should be placed in their respective directions – water in North, Air in East, Fire in South, Earth in South-West and Space in West. However, in modern architecture, ideal situation is a remote possibility in Patna. But, now we need not worry as we can buy the property and set the balance with the help of colors, shapes, lights and metals. We can ourself learn to use them as Vastu remedies or seek an expert’s advice.

In the absence of right guidance and knowledge, people opt out of a good property and make wrong choices. Vastu Shastra has not only provided guidelines for better living but also given easy alternatives as remedies to correct imbalances. We do not have to deconstruct or demolish, but apply simple MahaVastu logics and reasoning. Ordinary scenery on the wall, the color of our curtains, or placing an artefact in our living room can make all the difference. Interestingly, any individual with common sense can learn these techniques and select a house to live with more happiness, love and prosperity.


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  2. Now a days, property shop investment were really goes broad. Yet having an investment like this were not easy to have. It takes also a lot of things to consider. Thank you for sharing this with us.