Saturday, 26 January 2013

Online Real Estate services in Patna

Whether it's designing a house or looking to buy sell rent in Patna for one, painting a room or consulting a Vastu expert, real estate websites in Patna have come up with a wide range of services.

Despite an ailing economy worldwide and languishing real estate in Patna last year, there isn't a dearth of customers who want to buy sell rent or build property in Patna and more so the customers are now looking for the maintenance of their property in Patna. While this spells good news for real estate agents in Patna and consultancies, customers are beginning to look for much more than advice or a listing of property in Patna.To fill this requirement in Patna, property websites and some real estate companies in Patna are now offering niche services, from renovating your home in Patna to finding out if it is auspicious for you.

There are a number of consultants for big residential and commercial projects in housing Patna, but hardly any for smaller ones like building a house or interior decoration, and there is no localized data for such services in Patna. There is a demand in this segment, particularly in Patna, for renovation and construction services catering to medium-level customers.

Here's a look at some of the services that you can avail of through a simple click of the mouse in Patna. While you don't need to register for most sites, you will have to pay if you opt for specific services in Patna.

Property or Facility management for NRBs (non resident Biharis) in Patna

The NRBs stand to gain from the innovation in online realty services catering to Patna. Real estate websites in Patna have a property management section catering to the growing NRB interest in the Patna real estate market. The real estate websites in Patna not only help NRBs seek newer avenues for investment, but also help them manage their plot or property in Patna while they live outside Bihar. These real estate websites in Patna takes care of construction or renovation and regularly updates the client. They also offer tenant management, which includes collecting and depositing the rent, regular inspection of property and routine maintenance tasks. NRBs can pay for these services through a credit card or wire the money via secure networks.

Construction and renovation in Patna

Real estate websites in Patna are increasingly offering listings of architects, suppliers of construction material and contractors, who take care of painting, decor, plumbing and other minute details. They help you pinpoint these services to the localities closest to your residence. If you want to construct a house but don't have any idea about how to design it, you can check out one of the real estate websites in Patna. Some of them have ready-made designs for building apartments, bungalows and farmhouses. You can also ask for customized designs. If you want, the real estate company in Patna will assign a dedicated project manager to monitor the construction.

Live chat with experts in Patna

Instead of searching for advisers and consultants for hours on end, just log in to a real estate website in Patna that has a dedicated query corner or customer chat service. You can call up the chat number (which is usually toll-free, but it's more prudent to check) and speak to an expert or e-mail the query and get the response within a day.

Color consultancy in Patna

Paint companies like Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac and Dulux have made painting your home seem like a cakewalk. You can view the entire range of colors and design styles offered by these companies on their websites. Asian Paints ( even allows you to upload pictures of your house/room and try out different paint schemes.The websites also have a calculator to help you compute how much it will cost to paint just a room or the entire house. To figure this out, you only need to key in the carpet area, select the condition of the walls (whether they require leveling or just a paint job) and choose the type of paint. The website will promptly tell you the total expense, including the material and labor cost. To avail of the professional painting services offered by these companies, you can get in touch with them via telephone or e-mail. A number of real estate companies in Patna too are providing similar services.

Vastu consultation in Patna

Don't know of a priest who can check whether your house is vastu-friendly? Help is just a click away on property websites in Patna that offer vastu consultation services. Some sites provide listings of various vastu consultants according to areas in Patna.. These sites feature the profiles of vastu consultants in Patna as well as their contact details.
You can even e-mail them regarding a specific query. However, before you do this, go through the tips listed on these websites in Patna. You can find information on various ways to select a plot, construct each room, enhance the passage of light and wind in your house, etc. 


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