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Green and clean Patna:- Buy sell rent Patna.

Urbanization in Patna has risen to a greater extent. It has greater impact on citizens and their livelihood. Patna needs various steps in order to sustain the ecological balance all over the city for a healthy living. One of the forms to protect and uphold environment in an urban center like Patna is adopting urban forestry.

 Urban forestry is one of the prominent greenery plans which are carried out in various cities all around the world. Various practitioners, scholars and community leaders have come up with innumerable ways in which trees/ greenery can become a major part of life to create a green ecosystem in a city like Patna. This in turn will create a better quality of life from all the aspects like mental, physical, psychological, economical, aesthetic and recreational for people of Patna. Therefore, urban forestry refers to the revolution of spreading greenery in our city Patna.

In order to have a healthy living we can plant more trees in Patna in spaces which are awaiting the development of buildings and dwellings. Due to the development and rise of real estate in Patna the initiation of covering the urban areas into green areas is often neglected. Over the last few years people have realized the important role of trees and greenery in and around their neighborhoods in Patna.

Advantages of a green urban space:
Greenery in Patna will not only provide economic benefits but also environmental and social benefits. Urban infrastructure in Patna needs to be divided into two elements, i.e., grey elements which comprise of the buildings, roads and utilities and the green element, which comprise of the trees. When compared, grey elements cause more harm by compelling water to wash off the roofs, roads, parking areas, streets and other parts. All these gather up in the rivers and lakes by contaminating them. Green elements which have trees, grass, shrubs and other vegetation interact with the natural systems like air, soil and water. Unlike grey elements, green elements soak up the water and filter the pollutants before entering the lakes and rivers.

Plants trees and avoid the runoff of rain water. Trees help in protecting the water runoff to a great extent by intercepting rainwater on trunks, leaves and branches. The remaining water either evaporates or soaks up in the ground by reducing the amount of runoff water. Planting tress also helps in the volume of water as well. Patna needs to take up urban forestry in order to prevent the runoff of rainwater.

Controlling urban heat: Due to the scarcity of tress the land is directly exposed to sunlight and creates excessive heat. This follows by an increase in the temperature. A rise in the temperature may cause chaos in the human life. In such cases, to avert such disasters planting of trees is an important aspect. Trees will help by absorbing sunlight and reducing the temperature. They also prevent various objects from radiating the heat. Apart from this they provide shade and form a cooler air around by releasing the water vapor in the atmosphere. Urban forest also provides indirect benefits by reducing the heat all over the urban area. It in turn reduces Patna's need of electricity consumption in summer months.

Air pollution control: This is one of the most important aspects which is going to affect Patna in times to come. The large amount of pollution creates warmth and pollutes the environment. To prevent these planting of trees is very important to maintain a healthy life. These days there is an increase in the air pollution which has led to a greater impact on urban human health in Patna.

Creating a wildlife habitat:  In order to have natural and green surroundings in Patna; it is advisable to provide a wildlife habitat around Patna which in turn can lead to the growth of greenery.

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