Sunday, 21 April 2013

Residential projects in Patna: - New trends

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Patna has a number of Apartments spread all across. Right on a 15ft broad road or better say lane one could find a G+3 or even G+4 structures housing about 20 families and even more. If we talk about their maintenance, you really have to listen to nightmarish tales of the residents. Lack of options, this is what made home buyers buy these residential addresses. If you think of open spaces, you are out of wits.

We have talked earlier too, that this trend has been bucked in real estate Patna  now. Developers in Patna have awakened and visioning to take our city to at least nation standards in housing, if not international.

Hafeez Contractor, a famous name in architecture internationally, recently in an interview to Times of India, Patna ( Feb.2013) admitted that Patna has the potential to be a world class city. He has even presented his plans to the chief minister of state.  But he did not hear about any further developments.

The state might have not worked on his plan but Hafeez was roped by one of the builders in Patna, SINGH ENGICON , to design their residential project in Patna spread over 3.3 acres and 13 levels. The project named Crystal Apex has all modern amenities which one can ask for. What was more heartening to read in the interview given by Hafeez was that the Singh Engicon was looking for a larger piece of land but could not find one. Great to hear residential projects spread in acres with open spaces and amenities.

Good begin is half done. We are now waiting to see the execution of this well planned residential project in Patna. Hopefully Singh Engicon would deliver the project in stipulated time and provide even more than what they have promised at a reasonable price.

It will start a WOW syndrome in real estate Patna. Housing in Patna needs hundreds of such projects to redefine middle class amenities in the city. 

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  1. Greater patna has a number of Apartments spread all across.Thanks for sharing such a useful information, I will be checking your blog for further information and updates.