Saturday, 15 June 2013

Green buildings are costlier in Patna.

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It is challenging for builders to construct green buildings in Patna as they are 25-35 per cent more expensive than normal housing structures in vogue and there are less home buyers for green homes in Patna. In fact developers in Patna say that the green buildings are futuristic and home buyers in Patna are not very aware of its benefits in the long run. Therefore the lack of awareness does not allow them to pay higher prices for green homes in Patna. Developers of residential projects in Patna say that despite the benefits, constructing a green building remained a challenge when it came to the initial capital outlay and immediate returns on investment in Patna.

Considering the changes in global climate, rising population, pollution, related regulations and also com- mercial concerns vis-à-vis power crisis, running cost and pressure on urban infrastructure in Patna, green practice will become a necessity rather than a matter of choice in the next 10 years. Though, currently Patnaites are not aware about their advantages.

Along with environmental concerns, the most obvious objective of constructing green buildings will be to bring in energy efficient practices, thus reducing consumption of power and water. Bihar has acute power shortage. However, in the short term, real estate developers find the initial cost of deploying energy effi- cient systems a major hindrance in pricing the residential and commercial projects in Patna.

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