Saturday, 29 June 2013

Senior citizens' homes a serious segment of future for real estate in Patna.

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Patna real estate scene will witness the emergence of senior citizens' homes as a new market segment as the number of projects and housing stock directed at this section of population will rise fast.
The status of seniors in Patna real estate market will experience a sea-change, owing to their growing cohort size, augmented financial independence and change in mindset. They will no longer be considered withdrawn, risk averse and financially dependent. The immense potential of this segment, with its unique needs and promises, will offer an array of opportunities to the Patna real estate market. The developers in Patna seriously need to explore this segment actively. The early birds will have distinct advantages.
In Patna, large numbers of households are nuclear and a significant per cent of the population is aged 60-plus, indicating that the aged are in greater need of support than ever in Patna. Therefore, the number of housing units being built specifically for seniors in Patna need to increase manifold.

While opportunities exist, it is important to comprehend the ecosystem in which seniors live in Patna. It is imperative that real estate developers in Patna understand and acknowledge the unique requirements of the elderly while catering to the sector. The aged population faces numerous issues, typical of the sunset years of their lives. A growing sense of insecurity, craving for companionship, fear of getting obsolete and loss of relevance within the family, increasing physical disability, difficulty to access transport, a need for quality healthcare and geriatric care, complexity in conducting the daily chores of family life are some of the several issues that the aged face today in Patna. These, compounded by poor access to government and other support systems, insurance and legal assistance, immobilize them. These nuances of old age need to be thoroughly recognized by the developers in Patna.
 In Patna, in times to come there will be rising numbers of seniors who will adapt to the idea of senior living' spending the sunset years of their lives with similar-aged companions and sharing facilities in settings of enablement and security. Contemporary retirement homes or resorts will replace the earlier concept of old age homes, which symbolized the last option for needy and abandoned elderly.

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