Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to spot ideal investment property in Patna

Investing in real estate is a time-honored method of achieving financial success all around the world and more so in Growing Patna currently. Throughout the ages, investment in property has helped a lot of people make a great deal of money – sometimes quickly, sometimes over the long term.

Those who invest for the short term are generally known as property speculators, and they play a risky game. Long-term property investment is for forward thinkers who have an investment horizon of at least five years. The objective of a long-term property investor is to buy a property at a low price and sell it at a higher price. To be successful at this, one needs to know what is going to happen in a certain locations in Patna over the next few years.

You will need to invest in a growing location in Patna, not an established one. This is especially true if you are a middle-class person living off a middle-class income. There are two reasons for this. First of all, properties in established locations in Patna cost a lot of money. At the same time, their long-term investment value is lower. The reason for this lies in the nature of the real estate market in Patna. The costly (or ‘prime’) areas gained their value over a certain period of time but will eventually stagnate or even go down.

Real estate gains its value because of new infrastructure projects, shopping centers, public transport facilities, etc. These can happen only in new growth areas, because established areas tend to have reached saturation point in these respects. If you look at the central locations of Patna, you will see that nothing more can happen there. These areas are saturated. In many of them, residents are facing a lot of problems because of overcrowding, lack of parking, open spaces, playgrounds for their kids, pollution and traffic clogging.

Even with the best of intentions, the city planning authorities cannot do anything to make life better for them – there is simply no space left in older areas of Patna. Long-term property investment means buying real estate in an area while it is on the rise – not when it is in saturation or decline mode. Buying investment property in Patna means buying it where people are going, not where they have already been for generations.

A hot property market is one where there are upcoming changes in the infrastructure, and where home-buyers are headed. In the case of Patna, this would especially include areas like Gola Road and Shaguna Mode.

Infrastructure can include things like major highway construction and shopping and entertainment facilities. Look for areas that have a lot of employment options, because people always want to live close to where they work.

Also keep your eyes open for areas where large corporations are relocating or already exist and have room to expand. When this happens, the real estate market in that area of Patna will boom due to demand for housing and small businesses. Business is one of the most reliable drivers for real estate prices in Patna.

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