Saturday, 3 August 2013

Patna: - New Trends in real estate

To make a significant difference and change in the upcoming housing projects in Patna, a lot more than just design is required by the developers and builders in Patna.

That extra something is, time, local know-how and the want to achieve excellence. The idea is to build a project where Patna housing standards get bench marked. At least if people have money to pay, they should get the real estate for their money’s worth. This kind of real estate and commitment in Patna is required to change the trend in residential real estate market of Patna. Not just Patna but all of Bihar is going to benefit from this shift in thought and delivery. 

With shady land acquisition cases, extremely high land and property prices in Patna and a general lack of civic sense in Bihar, most commercial office buildings are in a bad state in Patna. The construction is okay but there are problems with the design and more importantly the upkeep of these commercial properties in Patna. The amount of filth, overcrowding and misuse of available space has turned most commercial buildings in Patna into nightmares. Therefore contemporary builders of Patna need to realize this fact and try their level best to change the real estate “CHALTA HAI” perception by building better real estate. The better real estate comes at a cost. Additionally it requires a different line of thought. The average builder in Patna cannot envision the change.

Bihar has changed for better. Yes, there is still a long way to go but the business and living environments are much better now than a decade ago. People never imagined in the past that one could live and conduct so freely in Bihar.

The change in Patna’s real estate is essentially the beginning of the change in Bihar’s real estate. Already some of these good trends of building better real estate have started showing up in Muzzafarpur and a few other cities in the state. Anything good we think is contagious. 

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