Saturday, 11 January 2014


ARCHIAC laws and still adherence to them is what is gripping everyone associated with the mess Patna real estate construction is in last six months and more. We are in the year 2014 and the state capital of Bihar, Patna, lacks a vision of its urban development for next 25 years. The master plan for the development of the city Patna seems to be no ones’ priority. It seems no one is thinking and secondly no one wants to take responsibility and accountability. It’s hard to believe that our ancestors some 2500 years ago were better townplanners and had built one of the best cities in the world called Patliputra. As unmindful parrots we keep talking about the past glory and the present is in mess to say the least.
Who is responsible for Patna looking as extended village rather than a city by any international standards? We are democratic and therefore the responsibilities lie with the public. Patnaites do not know and are not aware of what better living conditions are possible in their city. How? One and only thing is that people need to work the bare minimum of six hours for six days a week. Patnaites do not WORK. From top to bottom and from bottom to top people in Patna are averse to WORK. Patnaites find thousands of excuses for not working and not one reason to work. The greatest excuses are laws made in Imperialist times to keep the majority of the population under control and in poverty.
The planners and strategist do not have the will to take decisions. They do not know where to draw a full stop and start a fresh page. Patna lacks innovative thinking and seeing the current situation one wonders that how this same land produced the first democracy of the world in nearby Vaishali.
The bureaucracy, the judiciary and the politicians in Bihar do not understand that an agricultural based economy like Bihar needs urbanization the most. URBANIZATION simply means better standards of day to day living using the latest infrastructure development and technology. Urbanization therefore facilitates the service sectors and hence propels the agriculture the most. Somehow the planners in Patna do not understand this little fact.
The advanced construction technology allows that a fifteen feet wide road, with a 360 degree infrastructural development can support a fifteen storey building. What we do in Patna!!!  We do not think 360 degree and stop the construction at two storeys. What a way to think. Can the Patnaites realize that FAR (floor area ratio) is an obsolete concept!! It’s the development of all sorts of infrastructure to support the high rises which is important rather than curbing the construction.

Re- development is an alien word in real estate Patna. The planners just do not have re-development in their dictionary in Patna. PATNA REAL ESTATE needs a PIED PIPER where the Pied needs to be made of PLANNING, IDEAS, EXECUTION AND DEVELOPMENT.

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