Monday, 10 February 2014

Sampatchak – Patna’s Real Estate's High Return Investment Location

Water Park at SAMPATCHAK

What is it about Sampatchak that is attracting a breed of  Patna’s developers to launch projects there? Not to many years ago, all it stood for was greenery and relatively pollution-free environment and large tract of agricultural land. Today, it is the most important hub of high-end schools coming up in Patna. The latest addition is SRIRAM School, Patna; in the long list of already existing schools of International quality in Sampatchak locality.
 Actually, there's no real mystery here. Sampatchak is tantalizingly close to NH-83 and NH-82. Both these Highways are getting upgraded to four lanes. The schools on the other hand have always played a major role in Patna’s real estate development historically. The western part of Patna; Shaguna More, Gola Road and Khagaul are examples to be noticed. It seems Sampatchak will follow the same course. Yes, with prices below Rs.2500/- per square feet, the area seems to be investors’ (NRBs and NRIs) hunting ground. Tracking the record of western frontier of Patna, the DPS More and RPS More a 60% to 70% increase in next three years is on cards in this area.
 Sampatchak also has the NH- 83 and NH-82 in the immediate vicinity. The PatnaGaya is arguably the most important tourist circuit for Patna, because it can single-handedly transform Patna a sedately-moving city into a hotbed of international tourism activity. By facilitating vastly accelerated movement of people and goods between Patna and Buddhist circuit, it can usher unthought-of levels of economic partnership between these cities. The, areas that lie along the Highway will do exceedingly well in the future.
Investment for high returns

Naturally, no location will work just because it has a surfeit of economic plus-points, and that one can get to work and back with minimum problems. People will not buy homes just for those reasons. They also need access to leisure and entertainment, expect to have hospitals close at hand and need to shop for daily requirements. On this front the present NH-30 is crowded with hospitals, and the first water park of Patna is located in this locality only!!!! And it will not be a surprise if a visionary developer in Patna announces a large mall very soon in this locality.

In the light of all these advantages, Sampatchak is getting transformed into a property hot-spot that is attracting investors from all over. Sampatchak is seeing a massive share of serious inquiries from NRIs and NRBs; who do not want to miss the returns Patna real estate offered in the western parts in the earlier phase. As a result, Sampatchak’s rate of property  appreciation has been among the highest in Patna over the last two to three years, and this trend is very likely to prevail in the future.