Sunday, 23 February 2014



Around 350 BC, Greek traveler Megasthenes described Patna as one of the greatest city in the world. Rip Van Winkle the fictional character if Washington Irving slept for 20 long years. My dear Patna, when will you wake up; almost 2000 years have passed. When; once again will Patna regain its lost position of the number one city in all possible parameters human could imagine!!!!

As a Patna dweller WE long to make peace with the past of our city so that in present WE can rest in peace; but in vain. The past is too tall and the present is minuscule. The future can be determined and that is on the top of our mind. The audacity of our hope will make new beginnings towards glory.

Patna Municipal Corporation, urban development department and the state building and infrastructure departments needs a dreamer and visionary at the helm of affairs. It is a long time since these departments have worked in tandem to implement VISIONARY developmental town planning. No politician and No bureaucrats, we have already experimented and failed a number of times with them. They have reduced Patna to an extended modern village. Along with love, passion, commitment for the city the man needs to have international experience of town planning. The man’s first ring of team should consist of only foreign origin town planners, all of whom would have read Indica by Megasthenes and the history of Patna. The team needs spark and agility.

How can it be done? Only if the top man in administration wakes up from dreams and begging and turns visionary. Reads the life of ASOKA the GREAT and follows. The second option is if WE all start feeling the same and are ready to work for it. The first work for us is to get a VISIONARY, EXECUTOR to lead this dream. Change the school of thinking and shift gears. We can draw inspiration from Singapore; it was built to glory in 25 years only.  With the Information Technology tools on our side we can do it faster.

Diligence, vision, team work, technology and the will to be the best is required by Patna. Will we be able and not lucky to get it?  

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