Monday, 31 March 2014

Gola Road Patna: - Modern Real estate development in full Swing.

Gola Road, Patna

Gola road is the first right turn, after descending from Railway Bridge at Rukanpura if one is travelling on Bailey Road from Botanical Garden to Shaguna More. If one is first time visitor, turning right will take you to a modern and long awaited model of real estate development in the state capital of Bihar, Patna longed for long. There is a broad, well built Road, called Gola Road and the construction work is on full swing on both sides of the Gola road. Yes, it is new for Patna; a road prior to the development of the area. In Patna, the residential areas have cropped up and then years after the basic need of a road are fulfilled. The Gola Road is challenging the old ways and changing it at the same time.

The high rises are spread on both sides of Gola road very near to each other. Most of these residential high rises are under construction and few are even occupied. The area of Gola road is shaping up as a modern residential colony for the middle class of Patna.

To add to the modern amenities are spread a number of reputed schools on the Gola Road. In addition to the schools; modern medical facilities are too available in its vicinity. The Patliputra railway station; is another attraction adjacent to Gola Road. No doubt a number of builders in Patna have acquired substantial land banks in this locality and few have started their projects too.

Schools in Gola road

Another shift one can observe in the construction of residential projects in Patna along Gola road is the usage of FLY ASH bricks. This would prove beneficial for the future of construction in Patna. These bricks have a number of advantages over traditional bricks. No doubt in the coming years the construction industry will use these bricks only and it is good to see that in Gola Road the builders have started using it.

Patliputra Railway Station

We hope the state government follows the model of Gola Road everywhere in Patna. Yes well built roads and other infra facilitators like water, electricity and drainage should be built prior to commencement of residential projects. For home buyers in Patna Gola road offers excellent buying opportunity for next three years. Grab Flats in Gola road!!