Sunday, 23 March 2014

New trends in Patna property scene with Builders in Patna ushering in some contemporary real estate Near Gola Road.

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“Luxury and exclusive” are the key words for a few residential projects in Patna launched, when one crosses the railway bridge, near Gola Road area. Good for the area of Gola Road; it helps it to develop into modern New part of Patna.  The main focus of these projects is DESIGN and modern amenities. To enhance the design aspect world renowned, Hafeez contractor, has been engaged in projects by Singh Engicon and Expression Buildtech. It is good news for Patna property that the structures are getting due attention from Design point.  But to make a significant difference and change the residential projects game in Patna, a lot more than that would be needed. Design alone is not sustainable from a very long term perspective.

The determination to achieve excellence is the first step but what a 200 apartments exclusive and luxury residential project in Patna like Expression Exotica Patna still lacks is a 360 degree approach of all stakeholders. The developers can be pardoned as it is their first project in Patna. If one Googles about apartments in Patna this above mentioned project; Expression Exotica, with units priced over Rs.1 crore features nowhere.  Sad, the project planners really have ignored internet marketing completely. In fact there website too reflects more of design than content. Just imagine which customer segment they are targeting without internet as a channel for marketing their exclusive and luxury project. Though they have imported all sorts of experts from designers to project management experts from other states of India, they forgot to use the local real estate human resource available in Patna. As real estate developer how can they neglect one of the most important pillars of real estate world over that; Real Estate is Local. For a project of 200 apartments having a deck level garden, a lifestyle facilities centre, a squash court, a hypermarket and a top of the line swimming pool in Patna, Expression Exotica started its pre launch sales at Rs. 5000 per Sq ft as the base price. All the other things associated with buying a house are extra. Oops; can you believe all this without internet to back up them and they do not mention any wi-fi zone too in the project. Can one imagine a LIFESTYLE without internet these days? Get on board a local marketing consultant to save cost and time and to plan future strategies if the builders are here to stay in Patna is the only feedback that can be dished to them. You cannot ignore to be on the first page of Google search, to be competitive and save costs.

At least if people have money to pay, and they are paying a Crore they need some basic amenities and internet for such gentry is a way of life and not even luxury. Buyers should get the real estate for their money’s worth; this cannot be denied by anyone. Expression Exotica is lacking in last one year to build that experience in Patna real estate; to say the least. The grand project brochure is a part of yesteryear marketing methods, today the content is king in marketing. As real estate Consultants in Patna we have seen the commencement of real estate projects in Patna. We also happen to be helping builders in Patna with their real estate concepts but this kind of lack of expertise in real estate Patna is heard a little. In real estate Patna the grand launch is not about price but a lot more. Expression Exotica is trying to ape what is happening in metros of our country but has no innovation and strategy of its own. No doubt in the last one year they have not been able to sale even 40 % of their project.  

The real game in real estate Patna will change with innovation and strategy but launching the COPIED projects prevalent in metros of our country too is a step forward and Patna real estate is thankful to builders of Expression Exotica, Patna; though the price is more exotic and expressive than the project.

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