Saturday, 1 March 2014

Valuation of property in Patna

Buy sell Rent Patna

When it comes to the valuation of a property in Patna, there are 3 main factors.  These are Price, Location and Quality.

If you want a property in Patna at a good Location and lower Price, well you will have to give up Quality of construction! The quality of construction in Patna real estate is lower than national benchmark anyway.

If you want the Quality of a turn-key move in ready property in Patna and an amazing Location, you are going to give up Price and pay through the proverbial roof for that property in Patna.

And lastly if you want Turn-key move in ready Quality and an amazing PRICE, you are going to be looking at a less than desirable Location in Patna.

There can be a balance of all three “Pillars” and most often a compromise is decided on to get the right home for you.  Understanding what you really NEED verses what you WANT will go a long way to getting you into the right home in Patna or when it comes to pricing your home for sale, selling it quickly and at a right price.

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