Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Our team expresses its view on recent developments in real estate Patna and Bihar on this space of our real estate website. In this section of our real estate website we opine our views related to recent residential and commercial projects in Patna. We would endeavor to highlight any development that would effect real estate in Patna. We would also bring about our research on property pricing in Patna in particular areas. Our research team would  introduce detailed report about the builders and developers in Patna. Views expressed here are of our TEAM and is not intended to hurt anyone or create controversies. We in the very beginning apologize to each and everyone if it hurts the sentiments, views of a group or individual. We would welcome all sorts of feedback and comments to make this site and this space in particular " an enriching insightful experience" for all visitors.

Below is the title of the articles and the date they have been published. Click on the title to read the article. You can express your views about our publications via email at                         

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