Saturday, 9 August 2014

Real estate Patna dreams

Real Estate Patna
Would you like Patna to be a green city with 24×7 potable water in the taps, smooth roads devoid of potholes, lined with pedestrian and cycling tracks and efficient public transport catering to a slum-free housing stock and as clean as your home from inside? Are we dreaming! It is possible and very much possible.
The new round of urbanization in India which has being initiated by the announcement of 100 new cities in India as agenda for growth can help us in Patna realize the real estate dream in Patna. Many countries around the world see the announcement of 100 new cities in India, as an opportunity to participate in this dream run for real estate.
Singapore sees it as a great opportunity for it to forge partnerships with Indian cities, drawing upon Singapore’s own lessons on building infrastructure and water issues. Is the urban development department of Bihar listening? Are they ready with plans! Singapore is ready to share what it can, is Patna ready to share and execute their experience.
So what exactly can Patna look forward to?

While the new government is talking about 100 new cities along planned infrastructure and growth corridors, there is also the addition vision of a home for every family by 2022, the 75th year of Indian Independence. This includes retrofitting existing homes to make them liveable, creating new housing stock of different denominations to service all and also to make more land available for planned development.
Housing and urban infrastructure are considered a unified whole. What will work in Patna is partnership between national and local governments and the people. Its time for politicians in Bihar to plan, followed by focused regulation and an economic benefit that pushes markets to follow these.
Patna will become safe when everyone has easy access to nature. We will be able to create an attachment to nature in a way that drives responsibility of proportion of nature in people of Patna. This will be true public private partnership.
Now think of housing in Patna. If planning interventions can convert the view of sewage-filled drains to connected clean water channels, would you not get more value for the property investment in Patna, through better leveraged value and enhanced rental returns?

Are we dreaming or is it possible……………..

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