Sunday, 5 October 2014


Patna requires urgently, modern solid waste management system; world class power distribution establishment; 360 degree drainage and sewerage system; water supply management; roads with traffic control management and playgrounds and parks network. There are a lot of other things which are desirable but these above mentioned requirements should top the town planning manager list. The question is what already exists in a city of more than one and half million dwellers? A city, where one cannot fetch a 1000 sq feet flat in less than 30 lakhs (I know that is lowest). Can anyone justify this irony? The demand supply economists will too have hard time explaining the elasticity of Patna property market and the prevailing infrastructure.

Real Estate Patna

One explanation that crops up is that the lists which we floated of desirables in Patna are all in public domain and the property rates completely lie in private domain. If one buys this argument than the gap between public and private sphere in Patna is amazing or say out of the world. One of the small and posh (kindly allow me to use this word) colony of Patna is Nageshwar Colony. It is situated by the side if Patna Women’s College and consists of only two roads connecting Boring Road to P&T colony in Kidwaipuri. The rate of older properties; properties older than 5 years; too is minimum 5000 sq ft. Location is no doubt central Patna and the commercial hub of Boring Road is stone throw away distance. Here only the justification to use the word POSH ends. The rest in infrastructure terms is “भगवान भौरेसे ”. Surprisingly,Nageshwar colony resides even central ministers. Glaring example of the gap between public and private domain!!!! Now whoever is reading this article can count numerous such colonies in Patna; no awards for that!!! Awards will be given if one colony in Patna can be highlighted where the infra and prices go hand in hand. Patna will not even qualify as “Adarsh Gram” on many infrastructural issues; one wonders.

The current situation therefore points out to opportunities which are unimaginable. The city can produce millionaires (in dollar terms) at the rate which can beat Silicon Valley. The only requirement is that the public domain be opened to citizens of Patna to operate as private players. All these functions with we started with can turn into million dollars profitable business; if government functionaries withdraw from them.

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