Sunday, 2 November 2014


My Home In Patna
Let us ask the question whether real estate agents in Patna will be needed to people of Patna.  We begin by pointing out that with all the technology out there for home buyers and sellers now growing in Patna, do real estate agents will matter some 10 years down the line.  Home buyers in Patna will be able to do a lot of research online (for E.G. on and on their phone with amazing Apps in coming years. Mobile apps will let home buyers in Patna drive down a street, pull out their Smartphone, aim it at a house and snap a picture. Based on the GPS coordinates, the apps will tell home buyers almost everything about that property in Patna.
The other question is will the government property records be so streamlined in Patna in coming days and reliable enough. For example square footage information many times cannot be accurate in Patna. Why? It is often seen in Patna that a builder in Patna gets the permission for the house plan and later he ends up finishing a bonus floor or at least a room. Even house owners in Patna frequently adapt this practice. This means that without a real evaluation of the property in Patna and what it entails, anything from the size of the home to valuation estimates may miss the bull’s eye by distance. Yes, Apps could be amazing but they can be amazingly wrong too at times!!! Additionally Apps cannot negotiate and in Patna each and every property is negotiable ranging from 5% to 15% at the time of payment.
The key will be to find a real estate agent in Patna who represents the buyer or seller in Patna and make sure that their qualifications, experience and reviews show client that they are the right kind of people whom the customers can trust. In times to come this will apply on online real estate websites in Patna like and real estate Apps. May be in coming days the mix of real estate agent in Patna and technology will be the best bet. We emphasize that the need for real people will be always in vogue. The importance of people over technology will be debated long but people and technology will go hand in hand. The personal interactions and services will be required for a longer time then imagined.

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