Saturday, 21 March 2015

High rises in small plots in Patna.

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Patna is the town of apartments; yes we believe that if number of apartments and the area in which they are spread, means density of apartments is calculated Patna would be among national toppers.  The higher density reflects greater strain on the limited infrastructure that our city Patna offers. Patna has few roads and mainly comprises of lanes. With High rises built on these lanes, one can very well imagine the stress of traffic and parking on these lanes; not to speak about other civic amenities in a city of more than 2 million residents.

We asked one of the builders in Patna why their new commercial building built near DPS More in Patna do not have ample parking spaces. The answer was amazing!!! He took a comparative stand and said that the cars are parked outside the corporate offices in Gurgaon too. Our second question was; that justifies you too building structures without ample parking lots? He replied;” it’s the norm.” He is asking for a rental of Rs.80 per sq.ft for this commercial building with inadequate parking space. Can you believe it!!! To add to this the parking space in Patna costs at least 2.5 lakhs and goes as high as 5 lakhs in residential and commercial buildings. In most of the apartments in Patna there is shortage of parking spaces and the visitors parking is invariably missing. By the way this builder has its own office in a narrow by-lane and it is a high rise. “He never faces the parking owes because it seems there are so few or no visitors to his office.” His ignorance and arrogance looms large and we hope that in times to come the Patna home buyers will be mature enough to not deal with such developers in Patna and the responsible builders in Patna will make efforts to give better amenities to residents.

If you throw a Party at your house in Patna and you reside in a Flat then you will disturb the traffic of your area if you call about 10 families to your party. All of them will be forced to park around your apartment and hence block a major part of the lane on which your apartment lies. 

The mushrooming of apartments have also given rise to perennial owes like solid waste management in the city. The garbage bins, if they are placed in a locality, seem to get full with so many families residing in such small areas. The bigger bins will block the lanes.  Let us not add topics like sewerage and sanitation, because then the list will go on and on and we will conclude that our city has no basic amenities for its citizen generally available in cities.

No doubt, we have made mistakes? Can we rectify things from now on? Sure we could. The new master plan of Patna and the new Building By-laws are taking care of these parking, sewerage, sanitation and water problems. Parking and open spaces are being earmarked as certain percentage of the total area of land and building. The master stroke in the bye laws is the correlation between the width of the road and the height of the building. Patna can build high rises only on broader roads. Many are crying that our city does not have broad roads; the answer is that than do not build high rises.  Secondly to build a high rise in Patna the minimum land area too needs to greater than 6 and half katthas. That is another good effort to clear the mess in the New Patna that will be built in years to come. 

The people need to understand that is for the betterment of the city. Better lifestyles will be available in Patna and it will De-congest the city. The residents will be less dependent on centre of cities and the offices and other activities will move into newer and greener areas of Patna. There is always a pain to get some gain. We also are aware that many developers and builders in Patna have been caught on the wrong foot. They have land banks comprising lands on narrower lanes and smaller than six and half katthas. They need to pull up their socks and re- strategize their policies in the light of new better building bye-laws, rather than acting selfish and against the betterment of their and our city PATNA.

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