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The Ashiana-Digha road is a two-way road that is 7m wide. Once the drain beside it is covered, the stretch from Ashiana Mor to Rajeev Nagar drain would become 14m wide and the road will assume two lane status. The 2.8-km stretch of the Ashiana road would be a bit higher than the existing one which too has a seven-meter wide carriage way. At four points along the stretch, cuts would be left in the median for the convenience of commuters. These cuts would be located near the Ashiana Colony, Ramnagri Mor, Magistrate Colony Mor and between the Bailey Road junction and Magistrate Colony Mor.

What does this development mean to the real estate of the area? The first and foremost reaction of the residents is “delayed” according to a survey conducted by hyper local real estate portal of Patna, It was in the 1990s that the first development on Patna’s western frontier was staged by private local developer in the form of Ashiana Nagar; phase one and two. And these two planned colonies gave this road the first part of its name- Ashiana. The second part comes from the fact that it goes to connect the Digha Road. But better late than never!

On both sides of this 2.8 kms road the colonies have sprung since two decades and there is very less room for new developments in residential real estate. The main beneficiaries’ could be the adjoining areas like Rukunpura, Jagat chowk via Ramnagri Mor, Friends Colony. The jewel in the crown will be Ghurdaud, a hidden area which will surge because of its strengthen connectivity through this road as well as close proximity to Digha –AIIMS elevated road from other side. The appreciation in property rates in Ghurdaud will be manifolds and the builders and developers are already eyeing this area. Once the construction activities open in Patna real estate, Ghurdaud will emerge as one of the better bets for investment in real estate Patna.

One certain effect that has already dawned and will be more prominent with the opening of both lanes will be commercialization of properties on both sides of the road. The residential real estate will not change much. The markets will boom and more and more offices will shift on this road. A number of banks already have occupied premises beside this road. Eateries too have started flanking the road. Ramnagri Mor is assuming the status of a commercial chowraha on this road. Residential cum commercial complexes like Tauheed complex have sprung up on this road, the residential part is sold out and the commercial part is adorned by names like ICICI bank and Pizza hut. The CEO of, Mr. C.K Priyadarshi says “the demand for office spaces on this road has doubled in the last one year and new demands for high end retail shops in various segment too has sprung up.”
With offices and commercial establishments along this road, both commercial and residential rental on both sides of Ashiana- Digha road and in adjoining colonies will see manifold increase. The commercial rentals have already soared many times.  The residential rentals too will soar along the apartments on both sides of the road and many residential premises will convert to commercial properties on Ashiana-Digha Road.

The Ashiana Digha road has few decade old residential real estate and now the residential status will transform into commercial with the covering of Nala and resultant widening of Ashiana- Digha Road. The question which arises once again is- Is it a welcome growth or another example of unplanned urbanization in Patna? The residents are already feeling the pinch of traffic jams and parking woes.

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