Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Will Bihar catch up with IT bandwagon!!!

Information technology has changed the way people live in 21st century. In the state capital Patna, the use of IT is increasing day by day. However if we compare it with the National average; it’s far behind the metros and cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Bhuvneshwar etc. 

The irony is that our state missed the IT wave completely from 1990-2013; to say the least. One major reason was the apathy by the state government regarding this field and secondly the low quality of IT education in the state. IT and large number of educational hubs have gone hand in hand in our country’s progress in the Information Technology world. The lucky Bihari students who were able to migrate to other destinations of education have reaped its benefit. The southern India has led the IT revolution. It seems after the IT bust around the turn of century and the economic meltdown during the last five year the IT sector has undergone consolidation and seems to ride another growth wave in coming years globally. 

The question is; whether Bihar would catch up this time? The new state government that will assume office after the elections has to wake up from its slumber and form some encouraging and implementable policies regarding it. One needs to recognize the multiple effects that the IT industry has on the local economy and the way it integrates the local economy with the global economy. Bihar cannot afford to miss it now!!!  

The other sector that will almost directly benefit from the IT wave is Real estate Patna. IT in the service industry, if requires anything, is the space to sit down and work. Therefore it fosters development of millions of square feet of quality office space. A new era of real estate development will start in Bihar. The per capita income expands and the spending power increases. It brings boost for retail spaces and residential buildings. 

A caution is that the prelude to IT is education. The state therefore needs to focus on the growth of higher education; especially private sector.  Without the educational hub a MEGA IT Infrastructure is not sustainable. Can our sedated government do so many goods at a time? Let us hope it does and the policy is not kept as yet another promise on the paper by the government for the people of Bihar. No doubt the intention is noble and next step is IMPLEMENTATION.

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