Saturday, 18 November 2017


As a Patnaite, have you ever wondered, what is Patna known for in the world today!! We went and asked this question to 230 Patnaites. The sample size consisted of equal number of women and men. It also had equal number of respondents in each age group, 18-35; 36-55 and 55 and above. We also balanced the income size of the group, including all economic strata. We also ensured that the each respondent was the resident of Patna for at least 15 years continuously.
Unfortunately, the majority of the respondent (67%) did not know what to say and replied “can’t say”!! The second best answer was “Glorious Past” followed by Gol Ghar and Litti chokha. It is really a sad state; for once the great capital of a great Magadha empire that it has nothing significant to be known about.
But why did we conduct such a survey!! We conducted it to know the single most important thought that resides in every Patnaites mind about her/his city., a city which after a lot of struggle has made into the “to be developed as Smart City” list. It is the spirit of the city that “needs to be” reflected in the day to day life of citizens.
As the second best answer of the survey conducted by, the local real estate portal of Patna was “Glorious Past”; the smart city Patna should emphasize on the Past of the city and at the same time reflect the modern times we are living into. For example, the Smart City Patna must reflect the importance of Khagaul, the karm-bhoomi of the Great Chanakya of Arthshastra fame and Aryabhata, the Einstein of ancient History. Aryabhata was an astronomical genius. Now while we build our Smart City, we should blend past with modernity at Khagaul. Revive our glorious past and develop a new Space Center for Astronomical studies and research at Khagaul. Let the final frontier of modern Patna, the erstwhile Patliputra of mighty Magadh Empire be SPACE.
The very great thing about Patna and its development into smart city is that there are many locations such as KHAGAUL with historical importance. Examples are Pushpura (present Phulwarisharif) Kumhrar to name a few.
Smart city means manifestation of a city life, and Patna breathes past in its present. Therefore the Smart City Office holders in Patna should remember that there is much to be innovative in Patna. They do not need to be copy cats and just bring in new imported technology but blend the new tech with our Glorious Past to give the world the SMARTEST CITY in the world. The only thing required is “Attitude”.

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