Monday, 5 February 2018


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Innovation in urban development must first and foremost respond to the basic needs of stakeholders and has to be BIHAR specific.
Bihar must begin by prioritizing the integration of economic development, especially job growth, into the planning process, which in turn must be flexible and future-focused. City development programs will need to consider the natural advantages of given urban locations, capital formation, public-private cooperation, the connectivity quotient, as well as work-force readiness through education and job training. “The JOBS that will provide for LIVING and then cater to LIFESTYLE”. It should incorporate infrastructural planning for job creation, community growth and environmental responsibility.
The state government requires to seriously and deeply think to bring in PRIVATE players.Private participants can contribute expertise and proficiency in areas such as urban planning, design, construction, technology, logistics, and Sales & Marketing. Typically, PPPs in urban development imply a long-term relationship that spans the project’s life-cycle. Emphasis on output areas encourages innovation focused on developing new, sustainable and cost-efficient methods and models. Each party does what it does best; the Government can focus on its administrative and regulatory know-how, and the private sector can focus on operational and execution aspects. Delineating lines can sometimes blur, with stakeholder-focused, strategic collaboration resulting in a win-win-win situation that benefits communities, economic growth and the environment.

There is a limitless world of possibilities for our collective urban future in Bihar. And there are examples all around the world where Public-Private Partnerships are producing innovative and successful urban models. For example, in 2015, Washington DC (USA) entered a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a renewable energy partner to prevent the release of air pollutants via alternatives such as wind power. 

Sustainable urbanization is today universally acknowledged as a vital contributor to achieving global climate change goals. Therefore, the urban development in BIHAR too needs to seek to reduce its emissions intensity. Patna already has alarming levels of air pollutants. Planned and holistic urban development that embraces both the environment and sustainable growth of the built environment will be the key for urbanizing BIHAR. A sharp focus on adaptation and resilience, driven by adequate infrastructural planning, clean energy, green construction, multi-format housing and technology as an enabler can help drive BIHAR’s urban agenda in the right direction. This will require active participation by both the private and public sectors to promote responsible urbanization and evolve sustainable frameworks that can collectively nurture the future of BIHAR’s cities.

We have before us the opportunity to accord urban planning and development the importance it truly deserves in BIHAR’s growth journey. It is an opportunity for collaboration that has direct implications for future generations - an opportunity for many lifetimes that we cannot afford to miss.

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