Monday, 19 February 2018

Property Prices in Patna

Buy Sell Rent Patna
Property Rates Patna

“Good lord, they are too high.” They are unreasonable.
But at those prices only properties in Patna sell.
Interestingly the story of non- resident Bihari is more peculiar. If they have to buy, they will pull out a list of amenities which Patna has not even heard of. But the same person while selling his/her ancestral property in Patna, a city which is not livable according to them, quotes amazing high prices. Secondly, because they live outside Patna, it makes them feel they are Smarter and they even know more about Patna than a resident working 24*7 in real estate of Patna. These non- residents have another superlative attached for themselves; we are connected. That is how the entire real estate of Patna, is made up of; ignorance and arrogance.
The truth is that these non- residents live in sq.fts as little as 600 in the bigger cities all around the world and their life is dictated by work and weekend. As their work is defined so is their weekend, a good weekend and a bad weekend is pre- defined? They are typical stereotypes who internally know they have goofed up and the only place they boost their EGOS is back home. They envy the debt free life of Patna…they are under the debt of money and time and more significantly IDENTITY.
They fail to understand that the property prices in Patna are driven by “LAND”. The land of Bihar is very fertile. No data (we research a lot) reflects this basic truth. About 12 crores Bihari (residents of Bihar) sustain themselves just on fertile land and water available in our “Hamarah Gaon”. We do not have industry and IT to look forward too. Still this “HAMARAH GAON” has survived since five thousand years and more. The industry and technology is replaceable every 10-50 years; the land and water is not.

God has created diversity, so one rule fits all is fallacy and therefore the “SOCIO-ECONOMICS” too is diverse. Property prices in Patna are a reflection of this DIVERSITY.


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